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About this Site

We want to be the resource of quality information for small business owners. The definition for small business is rather broad. The Small Business Administration defines as under 500 employees for manufacturers and under $7.5 million in sales for non-manufacturing but some say as high as $10 million.

What works for a business with 2 employees and sales of $120,000 per year may not work for several locations and 100 employees.

I am seeking to establish 20 pages of specialty blogs of different topics. My name is Bill Pirtle. I’ve written two books on credit card processing and will be writing blogs on accepting credit cards, costs of accepting cash, using credit cards in your business, and credit options for importing & exporting. Accounting topics will be written by CPA’s. Payroll from payroll professionals. Commercial banking issues from a bank officer.

The blog author will end each blog with his or her contact information along with words to the effect of “to explore how this applies to your business please contact me at…” If the reader believes an accounting post applies to her business; she would have the option of contacting the blog writer to set appointment if local to writer or discuss with her CPA.

Official launch is planned for January 1, 2019. Currently the blogs will be written by Detroit area writers. But always looking for quality content from experts in their topics. We are also seeking sponsors to help keep this site free for business owners.

NOTE: We made the site public on January 14, 2019. We had some issues getting articles. It is a catch 22. Good, quality content providers need to see what the site looks like and how I will vet the content before they will provide the content. On the other hand, I wanted the site to have more content before I made it public.

By making the site public, I am showing potential contributors what I am trying to accomplish with this site. Where readers see Latin is not a flaw in the system, but showing content developers how their content will appear. As I post the content, the three most recent posts in each category will replace the place holder items where the Latin appears.

Thank you for your patience as we build the content.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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